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IT consulting services

Our IT Consulting team provides clients with access to a specialised group of professional resources experienced in a range of programme and project-related activities.

We provide services directly to our own clients or in support of our international member offices to assist in the growth of their businesses within their own regional markets.

Information and cyber security

The risk of cyber-attack is growing exponentially as the opportunities presented by technology and improved systems connectivity grow. This threat to information security is an existential threat to many organisations.

Breaches in the confidentiality, integrity or availability of their data are significant, but the loss of customer or stakeholder trust in their service could be terminal.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Organisations have until 25 May 2018 to fully comply with the new GDPR regulations and it is imperative that organisations fully understand the requirements of GDPR and prepare well in advance to avoid being hit with heavy fines.

Breaches within the regulation around the collection, usage and maintenance of personal data are significant, but the loss of customer and stakeholder confidence leading to a loss of reputation could be terminal.

Data solutions

ALEXCONTACT data & analytics can help with:
confirming completeness and accuracy of system-generated reports on which other manual controls or substantive evidence rely;
ensuring in-system calculations are accurate and repeatable;
ensuring all transactions and system activity is traceable to an authenticated individual;
identifying breaches of authorisation and threshold controls;
verifying effectiveness of segregation of duties.


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